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Oh, I just love to read your posts! You are such a good writer and it's all so very interesting. I just can't get enough of Japanese food and culture.


The meal at your brother in law's looks sooo good! He eats very well, it seems. Also, the neon whale sign is just bafflingly hilarious - ?!? ha ha...


Oh, and love the mix of food and nature! So fun and informative.


Yep. Most of the fish sold as 'shishamo' are actually not shishamo;if you make your own researches, you will find that they are different kinds. It's quite fortunate that you had the real shishamo there. It sure tastes different!

japanese words

Lol. I know what you mean about the food. I feel like I am always fool. Soft cream however, I can't get enough of. Great pictures!


That's some kind of meals!

Heather Meadows

I want to eat everything in this post! Great pictures!

Your brother-in-law's ikuradon is especially intriguing to me. I'd like to try it his way. Does that make it less salty?


Wow, again beautiful pictures of nice places. Thank you.


Tonkatsu is delicious - one of our favourite meals while in Japan. The spread of dishes makes me really miss the detail and presentation of food we ate over there. We both want to go back soon and your blog is making me miss it even more! :P

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